Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Fig. 1.- A fashionable cloak, though not the handsomest worn this season. The material is a strong woolen cloth, not prepoesessing in its appearance, but very durable and warm. some of them have a small worked figure, which is a great relief. The size of the capes vary- any are longer and some shorter- we give the medium. The collar and cape are trimmed with a fringe of the same colour as the cloak.

Fig. 2.- Is the latest French fashion, and has hardly yet got introduced among us. We recieved the first impression from our Paris correspondent in a letter, and we hastened to present it to our patrons. It is a graceful garment, and will be very popular. The material is merino. it is made to fit the figure, confined at the waist with a cord and lined with fancy coloured silk. Bonnet trimmed with feathers.

Fig. 3.- Blue velvet mantilla cloak, trimmed with swansdown- velvet hat and feathers.

Fig. 4.- Silk dress, corsage high in the neck. it comes to a point at the waist, and is trimmed with pipings- a fanciful trimming down the sides of the skirt- a bonnet of shaded velvet, feather to correspend. It is now very fashionable to have the feather of the same shade as the hat.

Fig. 5.- Lavender silk coat dress, high in the neck- moderate sized cape, tight sleeves. The waist is finished with a narrow belt. White velvet bonnet and feathers.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843

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