Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Fig. 1. Dress of plaid foulard; skirt plain; corsage semi point; tight sleeves, finished with a cap; collar pointed and trimmed with lace. Rich fancy scarf. Chip cottage bonnet, flower outside and in.

Fig. 2. Dress of plain batiste, the skirt trimmed all round with two broad tucks, the bottom one being much broader than the top; high corsage, slightly fulled in the centre of the waist, which is also confined with a narrow blue band attached with a blue rosette; the sleeves nearly tight to the arm, but gathered full in the seam, the top ornemented with a double epaulette, edged with lace. Bonnet of pekin silk, prettily trimmed with a shaded rose and blue ribbon.

Fig 3. Silk dress. The skirt has three rows of fancy buttons down the front, plain waist trimmed with buttons; plain undersleeves; pointed cuff, with three buttons, a loose sleeve hanging over all.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843

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