Friday, January 29, 2010

Conversation Cards

The following are the principles on which Conversation Cards are composed :—
On a given number of blank cards you write the same number of questions. An equal number of answers are prepared, so contrived, that each answer will apply to any one of the questions, in whatever order they may be asked. The questions are given to a gentleman ; the answers to a lady, or vice versd. Both shuffle their cards, and the holder of the questions reads them out in succession as they come to his hand,—the other reading an answer to each in like manner. This produces replies often of a sufficiently piquante nature,


Question. Are you of an affectionate disposition ?
Answer. Before dinner.

Q. Can you weep at a tale of suffering?
A. With new boots on.

Q. Do you understand the language of flowers ?
A. Three times a week, if my mother has no objection.

Q. Can you keep a secret?
A. You'd laugh if I told you.

Q. Do you love the being who adores you!
A. Get out.

Q. Can your temper be trusted?
A. Under the rose.

Q. Do you sympathize with the Hungarian refugees ?
A. On the top of the monument.

Q. Do you think you could love me to distraction?
A. Don't if you please.

Q. Do you often change your mind?
A. Don't you wish you may get it?

Q. May I hope?
A. Nonsense.

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  1. *Giggles* Those are funny, and sound like a fun game to play! :-)