Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Fig. 1. Light silk dress. Corsage high, plaited down the front; small bishop sleeves finished at the top with two caps and broad cuff. Fancy trimming down the front of the skirt. Thin bonnet with a rich lace veil and flowers

Fig. 2. A new style of silk plaid. Corsage half high and plain bishop sleeves, nearly tight, confined at the top with a trimming; a corresponding trimming on the waist and skirt: Neopolitan bonnet.

Fig. 3. A foulard dress. Cardinal of India muslin with needle work and two rows of Mechlin lace, with a trimming of leaves across the crown, finished with a bunch of roses.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Fig. 1. Dress of plaid foulard; skirt plain; corsage semi point; tight sleeves, finished with a cap; collar pointed and trimmed with lace. Rich fancy scarf. Chip cottage bonnet, flower outside and in.

Fig. 2. Dress of plain batiste, the skirt trimmed all round with two broad tucks, the bottom one being much broader than the top; high corsage, slightly fulled in the centre of the waist, which is also confined with a narrow blue band attached with a blue rosette; the sleeves nearly tight to the arm, but gathered full in the seam, the top ornemented with a double epaulette, edged with lace. Bonnet of pekin silk, prettily trimmed with a shaded rose and blue ribbon.

Fig 3. Silk dress. The skirt has three rows of fancy buttons down the front, plain waist trimmed with buttons; plain undersleeves; pointed cuff, with three buttons, a loose sleeve hanging over all.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843
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The Fashions in this number do not require any description. They are beautifully simple. The children's dresses we think must please. The back ground is a representation of the Masonic Hall of this city.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843
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Fig. 1.- A fashionable cloak, though not the handsomest worn this season. The material is a strong woolen cloth, not prepoesessing in its appearance, but very durable and warm. some of them have a small worked figure, which is a great relief. The size of the capes vary- any are longer and some shorter- we give the medium. The collar and cape are trimmed with a fringe of the same colour as the cloak.

Fig. 2.- Is the latest French fashion, and has hardly yet got introduced among us. We recieved the first impression from our Paris correspondent in a letter, and we hastened to present it to our patrons. It is a graceful garment, and will be very popular. The material is merino. it is made to fit the figure, confined at the waist with a cord and lined with fancy coloured silk. Bonnet trimmed with feathers.

Fig. 3.- Blue velvet mantilla cloak, trimmed with swansdown- velvet hat and feathers.

Fig. 4.- Silk dress, corsage high in the neck. it comes to a point at the waist, and is trimmed with pipings- a fanciful trimming down the sides of the skirt- a bonnet of shaded velvet, feather to correspend. It is now very fashionable to have the feather of the same shade as the hat.

Fig. 5.- Lavender silk coat dress, high in the neck- moderate sized cape, tight sleeves. The waist is finished with a narrow belt. White velvet bonnet and feathers.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843
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Fig. 1.- Dress of Thibet merino with six tucks, the tucks braided. Down the front a large braided fold, confined on the underside.

Fig. 2.- Dress of gros de Brazil, with seven narrow flounces- Each flounce edged with a bias fold.

Fig. 3.- Dress of embroidered white tarletane muslin.

Fig. 4.- Open dress of Altapacca poplin, trimmed with large silk cord.

Fig. 5.- Dress of Turkish satin, laid in pleats or folds down the front- the folds caught at intervals with satin knots or clasps. Neck and sleeves trimmed with deep rich lace, set on nearly plain showing the pattern of the lace distinctly. Head dress of broad satin ribbon , and flowers.

Fashion Plate from Google Books Godey's Lady's Book 1843

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Ooooh! I love this dress!

It's from the Metropolitan Museum collection

Ensemble, Evening, 1845

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Here are some interesting letters from two Minnesotan brother fighting in the Civil War.